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Welcome to Valais Blacknose Sheep Essex


On our small farm in Essex we are passionate about breeding strong, healthy animals as correct to the breed standard as possible.   We choose our stock for their temperament and conformation as well as markings to help preserve and improve this wonderful breed.  We also aim to provide a lifelong service to any of our customers offering knowledge and support when needed. 


First imported in 2014 the Valais Blacknose Sheep is still a new breed to the UK.  Featuring on BBC's countryfile in 2013 sparked many peoples interest and lots of red tape later the first imports made it in Feburary 2014.  Since then it has grown in popularity with many small and large breeders emerging from Cornwall to Scotland and even Ireland.


Our main focus at Valais Blacknose Sheep Essex is breeding quality animals that we are proud of  however we are ardent about spreading knowledge of this amazing breed. We regularly attend shows throughout the summer and are available to hire for your event - be it a party or parade we offer a bespoke service.

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