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VBN0339      9th February 2015

Sire:  VBN0190    Dam: VBN0304

Uschi is one of our foundation ewes and the one who truely won us over.  She is the matriarch of the flock and where she goes,  everyone else follows.  The first to hear the bucket of nuts or to lead the great escape!

She producing amazing quality lambs each year,  always with perfect markings,  a wonderful fleece and that 'look at me' stance.  She even produced twin lambs in spring 2020


VBN0404      8th October 2014

Sire:  VBN0001    Dam: VBN0015


Lily was one of our original two ewes who began the passion of the Valais Blacknose sheep.  She is everything you would want in a Valais with the most wonderful, docile affectionate temperament.

Unfortunately Lily has not produced a lamb in her lifetime and we believe her to be infertile.  She will remain with us forever with the very important role of companion to the weanlings and any sheep we have to seperate.



VBN0245      2nd October 2013

Sire:  1523.0770.NT    Dam: 1523.0808.NT

Una is an original swiss import ewe and is a truly gentle lady.  She broke her horn as a youngster making her very distingushable from the other ewes.

She is a fabulous mother and has produced some lovely lambs,  


VBN0873      5th December 2015

Sire:  VBN0269    Dam: VBN0335

Dancer is our only ET ewe.  We spent a lot of time ensuring her host mother was as friendly and tame as the other Valais to avoid the lambs loosing their natural docile and inquisitive nature.

Dancer has the most wonderful temperament and is always the first to demand cuddles (or a massage when the physio is here!)



VBN2718      12th June 2019

Sire:  VBN0444    Dam: 0245

Gloria is our first homebred ewe lamb that we have kept.  She knocked her horn off when she was very young and consequently has one horn slightly smaller than the other. She has the most amazing wool texture

She is due to have her first lamb in December 2020 and we cannot wait to see what she produces!


VBN0477      5th December 2015

Sire:  VBN0103    Dam: VBN0440

Diva joined us in 2019 from a flock in Wales.  She is our largest ewe and produced a stunning strong ram lamb who has since found a new home in the north of Scotland.  She is slightly more nervous than our other ewes but we are certain she will become friendlier the longer we have her.

We look forward to her lambs this winter

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