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Our Other Sheep

Our Valais dream has extended to a love of the rare and unusual 'Spitti' Valais.  Although we have been unable to source a pedigree Spitti Valais yet,  we have been working on our own version using pedigree Zwartbles ewes crossed with Valais rams. 

We now have 6 Valais x Zwartbles ewes who we will be put across a new Valais ram this year, and one 3/4 ewe lamb Honey who will be kept on a put across our new ram next year.

While we are fully aware that these lambs will never be able to be registered (there is no breed up scheme in the UK for Valais), we are excited to produce a sheep as close to the Valais as possible but with a beautiful dark fleece.

Any cross breed lambs we have that are not dark coloured will be available for sale on weaning.

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