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Our Wethers

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New Home
Our Boys

So far we have had many castrated males come to us.  We have had Drew and Dylan,  the bottle feeders who are now at new homes in Essex. Darwin, Duke, Domino, Diablo and Donald, 5 boys all the way from Cornwall!  Domino and Diablo have now gone to a new home in Cambridge,  Duke went to a lovely home in Bedfordshire and Darwin and Donald stayed local in Essex.  Donnell was born the same time as Dasher and Dancer and he has a super in home in Kent.  All of our castrated lambs go to pet homes where they can live happily and be cared for,  mostly on smallholdings or small flocks.

Little Drake is another wether who came from an auction in Wales.   He has a large black mark across his shoulders and for this reason he was castrated (not true to type).  His mother was a Texel type - she was very small, feral and didn't produce a huge amount of milk.  When she got mastitis we made the decision to take Drake off the ewe and bottle feed him.  It took Drake a few days to get used to being fed by the bottle however he soon learnt and thrived off regular feeding and grew twice as quickly as before!

Drake will remain with us for the foreseeable future and be used as a companion for the rams when they are not working.

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