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Our Rams

Dexter aa
dexter a

Dexter is a gorgeous ram lamb, born on the 14th Feb 2016 (only he could have been born on Valentines day!).  He was a bottle feeder and we brought him from Valais Blacknose Sheep UK (Emma Collinson) in Cornwall.

He has perfect markings and will hopefully be our future stock ram when he is fully grown.  He has the most adorable temperament,  more like a puppy than a sheep and will follow any person anywhere.  We are awaiting his first lamb in Spring 2018 with Chartleys Dancer

a Diversity 2

Chartleys Diversity


Chartleys Diversity (aka Dude)  was the first lamb born at Valais Blacknose Sheep Essex.  He was an Embryo Transplant into our lovely ewe Daisy and we brought her in lamb from our good friends at UK Blacknose Sheep in Wales.

He was born on the 25th January 2016 into a puddle of mud!  He was quickly followed by his sister Chartleys Delilah (now sold).  


Dude has a super temperament.  Very friendly and the cheeky one of the flock.  He likes a cuddle and a scratch and is the easiest sheep to handle,  even picks up his feet for a trim!  He is well grown and has great conformation although he is missing one knee spot.  His grand sire is the famous King Kong so he has a super pedigree and is our current stock ram - producing 5 lambs in 2017 and hopefully more in 2018. 

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