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Our Ewes


Our Ewes are selected for their temperaments and conformation.  We try to select big healthy ewes with good feet and examples of the breed.  We currently have four foundation ewes who have been with our ram and are due in the Spring.  We sometimes have embryo transplant ewes who we spend time taming to ensure the calm friendly temperament is still taught to the lambs by thier mothers.

Uschi a

Uschi was born on the 9th Feb 2015.  She is a lovely example of the Valais breed.  She has a wonderful regal stance and is a very friendly sheep.  She is collar trained and loves going to shows to meet people!  Uschi has produced some stunning lambs since being with us including a gorgeous set of twins in spring 2020


Lily (or Liquorice) has the most wonderful nature.  She was bottle fed as a lamb and just loves people and cuddles.  The calmest of them all she loads herself onto the trailer to go to shows and happily walks on a collar.  Unfortunately she has yet to produce a lamb and we  believe she may be infertile however she will remain with us a companion to the lambs and a glorified pet


Una was brought from a sale in Cornwall.  Unfortunately she has broken her horn at some point before she came to us however this doesn't affect her in any way.  She is a lovely big ewe who we are sure will produce some lovely lambs in the future.  Una has now had her two lambs with us - a ewe lamb in June 2017 and a ram lamb in March 2018


Chartleys Dancer was born in early December and has super bloodlines along with conformation and markings.  She will form part of our breeding stock when she becomes old enough,  but at the moment she is enjoying being a lamb and frolicking in the field with her buddies!

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