Our Other Sheep

Not only do we have Valais Blacknose Sheep in our flock on the farm, we also have a large flock of commercial sheep.  Although kept on different land, we sometimes have the bottle feeders during lambing come and stay.  We also a any commercial ewes we have brought pregnant with Valais embryos and keep with our flock to help tame them and get used to human interaction before their imminent births of fluffy lambs.   This is vital to help preserve the friendliness of any lambs born into the Chartleys flock.

Most of the commercial ewes have now joined our commercial flock however we have recently acquired 3 Zwartbles ewe lambs.  We will hopefully be breeding these in future if we can find a suitable ram or we may decide to cross them with one of our Valais rams - we will see what the future brings!